About Us

Beugs & Friends was founded in Dec of 2019.

The founder, Riley, had just about had it up to here with all of these T-Shirts he was seeing around the place. So he decided to start his own Tee shirt printing store place.

Beugs & Friends is now a collection of artists all contributing regular original works. We print using DTG processes so your print lasts as long as the shirt!

#sox4change is an initiative started in November of 2020 to help raise awareness and help support the fight against homelessness in Australia.

Every night more than 116,000 people in Australia are homeless1 as a result of many complex factors including unemployment, mental health issues, substance misuse or the loss of a job or loved one. Homelessness is a problem that goes beyond not having access to safe shelter as it can wreak havoc on a person’s health, keep them out of work and leave them socially isolated.

Beugs & Friends is donating $1 from every pair sold to Mission Australia, and Street Smart Australia.